Hi, I'm Pablo,

an Animator and Storyteller

with a strong commitment to promoting social justice through the power of animation.

I was born and raised in Chile during the challenging years of the Chilean Dictatorship, an experience that shaped my passion for using illustration and animation to advocate for human rights, equality, and justice.

My childhood unfolded amidst the Chilean Dictatorship, a period marked by fear and repression under General Augusto Pinochet’s rule. Living in an environment of censorship, violence, and social injustice, I was witness to the consequences of authoritarianism and to the fight for freedom. These early experiences planted the seeds for my future dedication to addressing critical social issues through my aptitudes as an artist.

Determined to pursue my passion, I embarked on a journey to hone my animation techniques, storytelling chops, and visual communication skills.

I moved to Buenos Aires, where I learned everything about scriptwriting from the Oscar-winning screenwriter Aída Bornik, one of the most important influences in my life. 

And, after 10 years there, I moved to the United States with my wife and our first child.

Only a couple of months here were enough for me to realize the terrible social injustices that pervade this country.

Animation for Social Justice

My work aims to visualize different social justice issues, using animation to draw attention to human rights violations, marginalized people, and the resistance of oppressed communities. Through my animations, I strive to raise awareness, foster empathy, and inspire action for positive change. I believe that weaving compelling stories together with powerful visuals can captivate audiences and spark critical conversations.

Notable Projects

Today, I remain steadfast in my commitment to animation for social justice. I continue to collaborate with organizations, activists, and fellow artists who share my vision. As an advocate for human rights and equality, I strongly believe that animation has the power to foster understanding, unity, and compassion among diverse communities.

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