Yo Cuento! 2020 Census

Animated video for Latina Network.



When I write a script I like to tell a story that you can identify with. A story that makes you think and laugh. A story that talks about feelings rather than numbers and statistics.


the storyboard is the most important stage in my working process because helps me to pre-visualize the actions that we will see in each scene.


The animation is not just moving a shape from one place to another through time and space, but it is to put all pieces that you created before together to tell a unique story.




"Working with Pablo Castro is a breath of fresh air. He's remarkably organized, detailed and extraordinarily creative. From a short conversation he was able to craft a beautiful animation that conveyed perfectly the message my team and I were looking for."
"Pablo is a creative force! As a designer, it was great to work with an animator who could take your vision and make it come to life. From a brief creative exploration, he was able to deliver a beautiful, well-constructed video animation that captured everything we had envisioned and more."